Book Review

Book Review

I have read American Exit Strategy by Mark Goodwin twice and I foresee a third time in my future. Obviously I’ve enjoyed this book.

American Exit Strategy is a fictional account of a possible future for America. It is not conspiracy but rather a possible – and some believe – likely reality. A corrupt government combined with a mortally wounded economy leads to a country in the midst of collapse. The government’s endless money creation and borrowing is coming to an end.  During these economic struggles a Presidential election is well underway with three main candidates. Represented are a Liberal Democrat believing in governmental fixes for all that ails the country as well as a Republican who falsely represents himself as a Moderate. An Independent candidate also has mass support and is obviously very much like a real-life  Ron or Rand Paul.

Not to give too much of the story away the election ends with the candidate receiving the vast majority of votes NOT becoming President. Paul Randall – the Independent candidate – attempts to prepare the country for the economic collapse which awaits around the corner.  Government entitlement spending is drastically cut leading to massive civil unrest as EBT cards are funded late and with less money. As usual most people won’t listen to the truth or face reality as things get worse and worse.

The story provides an extremely interesting and plausible take on how an economic collapse occurs. It is not one single event that occurs and everything isn’t fine one day and a disaster the next. The collapse occurs over time as the government tries a variety of tactics to keep the government afloat – and the economy. Some characters pay attention and take precautions by stocking up on extra supplies. Others don’t and are held accountable for their inaction.

American Exit Strategy is the first of three books in the series. I found the story extremely interesting and couldn’t wait to get to the next page to see what would happen. I became invested in the main characters and enjoyed an emotional rollercoaster ride as they dealt with stressful and dangerous times.

American Exit Strategy is family friendly and Christian-based.  There is no profanity and that does NOT take away from the story. I appreciated the more wholesome narrative.  At the beginning of each chapter Mark Goodwin placed a quote. Some of these originated from the Bible while others came from the Founding Fathers. These quotes are not only relevant to the storyline but to current events as well.

I really enjoyed American Exit Strategy. I believe it addressed what is the most likely and realistic threat to our existence today:  economic collapse and an overbearing, socialist government.  The combined excellent story as well as information on what to do to prepare for bad times ahead makes this a must read.

High recommendation.



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